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Loose Connectionmixed
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Phrygian Olympmixed
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In The Basementproduced, mixed
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Leopoldproduced, mixed
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Liveredrecorded, mixed
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Hermoso Irecorded, mixed
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Hermoso IIrecorded, mixed
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I Never Talk To Strangersproduced, mixed
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Noche Calurosaproduced, mixed
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I want to thank you again for the nice projects we did together. You are really doing a great job and work very hard. If needed, I’ll write a recommendation or letter of appreciation.

Trumpet Player

Michael's mix was

[huere ändlos scheisse geil!]

I can't stop listening.



He has a great ear and always finds exactly, what a production needs, no matter what genre or medium. An extraordinary listener and a fantastic producer to work with!



You won't find someone with his level of arranging skills that easily. He has a quick and efficient working style, lots of knowledge in different genres and is very open minded. As a producer he will let your ideas lead the way, yet be quick to grasp the "bigger picture". I have reached many artistic goals thanks to that.



Michael Leber

As a producer, my main goal is to understand what drives an artist, so I can try to make a recording wich embodies that spirit as authentically as possible. At the same time, it's important to me to work with a sense of pragmatism and efficiency and to make the process as much fun as possible. Of corse these are claims that most producers would make, so feel free to contact me. We can get to know each other and then you'll decide if we should work together.

Mixing is a highly creative endeavor. Therefore, it is paramount that the person mixing a piece of music has a strong background in music themselves. However, unlike a producer, the mixing engineer should not be the one to change the direction of a production. A mixing engineer should be able to read the production and enhance the mood of it rather than working against it. Your production should still sound like your production, just – mixed!

I work in a studio in the city centre of Zurich where I do all my mixing and mastering, as well as the recording of some vocals and single instruments. For bigger productions I will choose a suitable studio, depending on the needs and financial resources of the project.

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